Q&A: Sales Specialist Ewelina Cimring

Q&A: Sales Specialist Ewelina Cimring

By Andrea Lumsden

03 Apr 2020

Meet Ewe, pronounced Éh-vee, the newest member of the Provenance Properties sales team and a mum with a zest for life, a passion for baking and a belief that the “client is king.” In this recent interview, learn more about Ewe’s love for the Cayman Islands and discover why clients adore her.

You have over 15 years of experience in marketing, hospitality, and real estate. Are there any career highlights you would like to share?

By far my greatest and proudest career highlight is the incredibly good fortune that all my previous roles led me to and prepared me for: my current role, which is the absolute greatest job in the world. Imagine being able to actively participate in your favourite activities every single day…and getting paid to do so! I’m generally very grateful for everything in my life, but right now, I feel like my work life is an absolute dream come true! Dream co-workers, dream employer, dream clients, dream service providers, dream product, dream island—it doesn’t get better than this! This is my career highlight.

What do you enjoy most about your current role?

The people, the places, the location, the matchmaking, the negotiating, the fast pace, the excitement, and that feeling when a deal is finalised and all parties are ecstatic.

You have been with Provenance Properties for less than a year and clients already love you. What is your secret to great client service?

That’s easy: great client service! For me, the key is good, old-fashioned “client is king” philosophy, combined with responsiveness, resourcefulness, and listening. I advocate and negotiate as hard as I can—nicely and politely, of course. I use every possible resource available to help my clients, whether they are buying or selling. And I listen. This is at the very core of our brand promise – we strive to be trusted advisors for our clients, presenting them with anything from timely market data to introductions to other service providers.

Throughout my career, I have learned that there is no greater tool than really listening to what your clients actually need, as opposed to trying to sell them on something they think they need. If you allow your client to speak freely and you listen intently, then you cannot possibly go wrong.

Do you have a favourite Provenance Properties listing?

I am a Libra, so I cannot possibly choose only one!

  • Residence N201 at Seafire features my favorite interior by the amazing Michelle Butler at Design Studio in Camana Bay
  • Residence N1002 at Seafire has the most magnificent and breathtaking views of Seven Mile Beach and our world-famous turquoise-coloured seas
  • White Pearl in Snug Harbour is by the far the most magnificent investment duplex. It offers potential for great returns and is oh-so-elegant! Listings like this are seldom found.

What is the most unique or luxurious feature in one of your listings?

Luxury means many different things to me. It is multi-faceted. I consider a sense of space, great layout, a perfect location, or a hand-selected wallpaper just as luxurious as the softest, high-thread-count percale linens. A well-designed kitchen with conveniently located kitchen equipment are just as luxurious as a gold leaf and crystal pendant.

As a mother to a seven-year-old daughter, the most desirable feature to me right now is an “appliance garage” in the kitchen, like we have in all the Seafire Residences. Toaster crumbs are not my friends.

If you had to describe the Cayman Islands in one word, what would it be?


Ewelina Cimring

What are some of your favourite Cayman Islands activities?

I have loads of fun living my best life in paradise and am lucky enough to share that with amazing friends (my surrogate family!) We indulge in wholesome and fabulous family-friendly activities, such as Friday nights at Coccoloba listening to the beats of Danny Loops whilst the kiddos create glow stick masterpieces on the beach. Staycations at Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa or The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman hotels are glorious experiences and I love the decadent dinners at their restaurants, Ave and Taikun.

I’ve also recently taken up golf, which I’m absolutely terrible at, but I love to play a round at the beautiful 18-hole North Sound Golf Club where the smell of freshly cut grass, the cool sea breeze and the warmth of the Caribbean sun on my face are pure bliss!

Morning tea at Jessie’s Juice Bar in Camana Bay is one of my all-time favourites. After dropping my daughter off at Cayman International School, I catch up with friends, clients, and anyone who happens to stop by for their morning fix. It’s my favourite way to start the day.

What are your favourite local restaurants?

My diet is strictly gluten and dairy free, but luckily there are many choices on island with menu items I enjoy and I just can’t choose only one!

  • Andiamo (at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman) for gluten- and dairy-free pizzas and truffle fries
  • Pani Indian Kitchen in Camana Bay for Indian
  • The Brooklyn Pizza + Pasta at Camana Bay for gluten-free flatbread topped with carpaccio
  • Coccoloba at Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa for their tacos
  • Ave at Seafire for their ribs
  • Tillie’s at Palm Heights for their take on the classic shrimp cocktail
  • Bacaro at Cayman Islands Yacht Club for their snapper ceviche and deviled eggs
  • Morgan’s at Cayman Islands Yacht Club for their risotto and the best outdoor ambience

What do you do for fun with your daughter?

Bake. I love to bake but also love to hang out with friends and their kids, either at each other’s homes or at the beach. Bike rides and walks around Crystal Harbour are always great fun, too!

Do you have any real-life heroes or role models?

I most certainly do! I have been incredibly fortunate to have the most amazing role models. Strong women who have a healthy balance juggling careers and motherhood and who have successful marriages or partnerships based on common values and solid foundations.

I have also been incredibly fortunate to work with amazing men who have inspired me to problem solve, negotiate, and to effectively navigate the workplace while always challenging the status quo. They’ve also inspired me to be fearless in the pursuit of happiness.

If you could meet them, what would you say/ask?

Lucky for me, I have not only met them all, but enjoy close and constant contact with them.

We heard you like to cook. What’s your favourite recipe?

Oh wow, I adore making schnitzels, meatballs, chicken soup and, most of all, I love Polish “chrusty,” which is a type of pastry that looks like angel wings dusted with powdered sugar. Yum!

If you have real estate questions for Ewe or would like to learn more about a listing, contact her via email.

Andrea Lumsden

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Andrea Lumsden has worked with Dart since 2013 and has been writing professionally since 2003. Graduating from University of Central Florida with a BA in Communication, Andrea has worked with clients across a range of industries, including financial services and real estate. Raised in Cayman by Costa Rican and American parents, she’s a New Yorker at heart who enjoys reading and travelling with her husband and three children.

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