5 Islands in and Around the Caribbean That You Can Still Visit

Balcony Overlooking Ocean

Hurricanes Irma and Maria upended life in the Caribbean and beyond, wreaking havoc on islands stretching from Barbuda to Puerto Rico.

The scale of the damage is still being determined, but many islands in a region that draws the jet set for fall and winter getaways were largely unscathed. In fact, nearly 70 percent were not damaged by the hurricanes and are eager to delicately tout that they’re open for business, according to Frank Comito, the chief executive officer of the Caribbean Hotel Association, an organization that represents hotels and tourism-related businesses in 32 Caribbean destinations. (The organization has created a site, caribbeantravelupdate.com, where travelers can learn the latest on travel to the Caribbean).

Beach getaways are no superficial affair in the Caribbean and the neighboring Lucayan Archipelago, where many islands rely on tourism. Spending by vacationers in this currently beleaguered region will determine its economic future.

Below are five islands that are open for business, along with an affordable and high-end hotel package for each...

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