Where To Vacation Post-Irma and Maria

Seven Mile Beach View

According to Albert Herrer, senior vice president at luxury travel agencies network Virtuoso, many places affected by Irma should be fully repaired in time for winter travel, fingers crossed.

Still, just so we consider all the winter-break options, one way to get away to warmer climes and do some good at the same time is to book a trip to one of the more tourism-dependant-but-Irma-affected spots (but only after a discussion with a travel agent about safety and not being a burden on the local reconstruction efforts).  Pushing this envelope even further, volunteering to assist with disaster relief on some of the harder-hit Caribbean islands might just be the most unforgettable and rewarding journey one could take.

But for those always in dire need of mind-and-nerves numbing rest and relaxation around mid-winter, there are some spots lucky enough to have completely escaped Irma and Maria’s wrath...

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