Guide: Cayman Islands Residency



Benefits of Cayman Islands Residency

  • No restriction on foreign ownership of land
  • No direct taxation in the form of corporate, capital gains, inheritance, personal income or property taxes
  • Convenient location with nonstop flights to London Heathrow and major North American cities, including a 90-minute flight to Miami
  • A sophisticated infrastructure with modern hospitals, reliable telecommunications, quality education and an extensive paved road network
  • Strong and stable economy:
    • An estimated 3.4% growth in 2018 (GDP)*
    • Current unemployment rate of 2.8%*
    • Significant government surplus of 136%**
  • Stable, democratic government and a Governor appointed by the UK monarchy permanently in residence
  • Low crime rate thanks to a well-established police force
  • Judicial system based on English common law with the UK’s Privy Council serving as the highest court of appeal
  • High-quality shops, services, hotels and restaurants
  • Friendly, welcoming and educated population

*Cayman Islands Economics and Statistics Office
** Cayman Islands Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

Other guides that contain useful and comprehensive information about obtaining residency are available from Cayman Islands-based law firms Ogier and Bedell Cristin, both based in Camana Bay. These law firms can also assist in guiding you through the process should you wish to proceed on the path to Cayman Islands residency.