Bodden Town & Savannah

Bodden Town & Savannah

One of Grand Cayman’s five districts, Bodden Town is home to many family-friendly neighbourhoods, including the naturally lush and sprawling Savannah, which is often referred to as the island’s countryside. East of Savannah is central Bodden Town and the first capital of the Cayman Islands—a colourful, coastal town iconic in its island charm.


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Things to love about Bodden Town & Savannah

Living in Bodden Town & Savannah

Life on the Bodden Town coastline means enjoying stunning views and warm breezes every day of the year. Further inland, the quiet communities of this large central district offer tranquillity, safety, and excellent value. Residents here love their countryside lifestyle with large backyards and bountiful fruit trees.

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Notable communities


North Sound Estates

Private, affordable homes with easy access to the Sound and minutes away from Rum Point and Stingray City.

Things to do

Pedro St James

Pedro St. James

Grand Cayman’s first Great House built in the late 18th century and a historic attraction also known as Pedro’s Castle.

bodden town beach

Bodden Town Public Beach

A white sand beach with cabanas, a play area and a refreshing sea breeze.

Bodden Town Mission House

A historic landmark and one of the oldest buildings in the Cayman Islands.

Pirate Caves

Legend has it that these underground caverns, now a historic attraction, were once home to pirates and their secret treasure.



The area is home to three educational establishments: Savannah Primary School, Bodden Town Primary School and the International College of the Cayman Islands.

Essential services

The area’s largest commercial centre, Countryside Shopping Village offers a wide array of conveniences including a supermarket, hardware store, eateries and banking services.

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