North Side

North Side

There is much to love about North Side. The neighbourhood for many second homes, this beachy haven sits between Bodden Town and East End and can be reached by boat or by car. Residents include blue iguanas and locals who never want to live anywhere else.


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Things to love about North Side??

  • Barbecue at Rum Point and drinks at Kaibo
  • Kayaking in Bioluminescent Bay
  • Stingray City
  • Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

Living in North Side

Life here is idyllic. The coast is a magnet for vacations, staycations and day trips by boat. This heavenly slice of paradise offers a glorious mix of serenity, vibrancy and diversion. Further inland, the Frank Sound community offers a quiet island lifestyle and excellent property value.

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Notable communities

Cayman Kai

Residents enjoy a peaceful and secluded lifestyle with panoramic views of the sea.

Rum Point Club Residences

The charm of a luxury boutique hotel blended with the privacy of an oceanfront home in one of the island's newest developments. 

Things to do



A cherished destination with a restaurant, coffeehouse, beach and marina.

rum point

Rum Point Beach

The crystal-clear shallow waters are remarkable. The food, drinks and island vibes are unforgettable. The mudslide was invented here!

starfish point

Starfish Point

Perfect for spotting starfish and shallow-water merriment.

bioluminescent bay

Bioluminescent Bay

The most popular place for nighttime kayaking due to the incredible natural phenomena.

botanic park

Queen Elizabeth Botanic Park

Featuring colourful gardens and an opportunity to meet the indigenous blue iguanas.



North Side is home to the government primary school, North Side Primary, and Clifton Hunter High School.

Essential services

Several amenities are available in North Side including groceries, gas, and a health centre.

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