Fun things to do in Camana Bay

Fun things to do in Camana Bay

28 Jun 2018

Looking for fun things to do in the Cayman Islands? Visit Camana Bay for a design treasure hunt!

When you live on Grand Cayman, you’re regaled with pirate lore and tales of hidden treasure both above and below the water, but the island is also home to a different kind of treasure: architectural gems. The Camana Bay Town Centre is one of these not-so-hidden jewels.

A thoughtfully designed, New Urbanist community, Camana Bay was developed with the intention of celebrating the Cayman Islands, in every aspect of its design and structure — from visuals showcasing the islands' breathtaking waters, to an abundance of local flora. When you own property on Grand Cayman your family will never be bored as there are always memorable, kid-friendly adventures to enjoy on Grand Cayman and free and fun things to do at Camana Bay.

The Rise at Camana Bay

Begin: Cross over the Rise

Camana Bay is connected to Seven Mile Beach by a pedestrian walkway known as the Rise. You’ll appreciate the name as you stroll from the beach across a gentle incline that leads you to a stunning view from its apex (try it at sunset.) Once you walk down the other side of the Rise you will soon be on the Paseo, the central strip running through the heart of the Town Centre, all the way to the Crescent, where stunning interactive 30-foot water fountains await.

crescent fountains

Pause: Take in the Crescent fountains

These fountains are the brainchild of the same minds behind the renowned dancing fountains at The Bellagio in Las Vegas. With wind sensors preventing spray from going too high during breezy days and a surprise-and-delight pattern to the fountain bursts, the Crescent fountains enchant children and adults alike.

Island hammock

Smile: Enjoy the Island's curved trees

The man-made Island within the Camana Bay harbour is full of curved palm trees, cleverly planted so that at any point in the day there is a spot of shade to be found. Say "Hi" to Poof the Blue Iguana, one of a number of iguana sculptures installed around Grand Cayman as part of the National Trust’s Blue Iguana Preservation Programme (click here to learn more), and sway the day away in a hammock overlooking the North Sound.


Stand: Cool off in the breezeways

If you’ve had some sun, make the most of our breezeways. With two located on either side of the Paseo, the design maximises and amplifies the breezes from the North Sound as the air gushes through the breezeways, creating a cooling effect that is part of what makes Camana Bay so walkable. Don’t forget to look up while you’re there! The ceiling mosaics, created from Bisazza tiles imported from Vicenza, Italy, are dazzling, replicating underwater scenes from across the three islands.


observation tower

Wander: Scale the heights of the Observation Tower

Before you leave, take a hike! We mean a hike up the 75-foot Observation Tower. If walking isn’t in your plan, just take the elevator up, but we encourage you to walk down after admiring the sea-to-sound views. The double-helix staircase design offers a fun optical illusion and the floor-to-ceiling wall mosaic is best experienced as you descend on foot. Made from three million glass tiles that took over a year to install, the image depicts a photograph captured by underwater photographer Jim Hellemn of the world-renowned Bloody Bay Wall dive site in Little Cayman. The larger-than-life sea creatures provide endless entertainment for kids!

Owning property in Grand Cayman is truly made wonderful by the many things to do at Camana Bay. For more information visit the Camana Bay website or contact a Sales Specialist at Provenance Properties Cayman Islands to learn more.

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