Real Life Magazine: Coveted High Design by Martyn Lawrence Bullard at The Residences at Seafire

Real Life Magazine: Coveted High Design by Martyn Lawrence Bullard at The Residences at Seafire

01 Apr 2017

The Residences at Seafire, the newest residential building to call Seven Mile Beach home, aims to heighten Caribbean interior design through its collaboration with noted celebrity decorator Martyn Lawrence Bullard who has crafted a vision of high design previously unseen in Cayman.

Man leaning against doorway in desert setting


British born and L.A. based, Bullard is known for translating his client’s wildest furnishing fantasies into a decorative reality.

In addition to being named one of the world’s Top Interior Designers by design bible Architectural Digest, his work was the subject of two documentary series in the US and the UK, US-based Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators and Hollywood Me on the UK’s Channel 4, bringing Martyn’s unique vision into the homes of millions of viewers.

Bullard’s inspired design is a feature in the homes of the great and the good across the globe from LA to Dubai. They include residences for the likes of Ellen Pompeo, Sharon Osbourne, Cher, Tommy Hilfiger and the Kardashians. He brings this whimsical approach to décor the signature spaces and custom furniture packages at The Residences at Seafire.

Bedroom with green interiors and wooden walls with an oceanfront view


Fearless, eclectic and bold use of colour and texture are the hallmarks of Martyn’s signature style. When designing for his clients he focuses on luxury and sophistication without sacrificing comfort and liveability.

“People’s homes are their sanctuary; it’s a place for complete relaxation,” Bullard shared while touring The Residences and musing on the type of person who would live in each space.

Form meets function in the bespoke and exclusive fabrics and furnishings by Bullard inspired by his travels and his visits to Cayman that will adorn the common areas at The Residences at Seafire.

Each residence will be unfurnished with the option to purchase Bullard’s furniture package giving residents the opportunity to transform their space into a showcase for Martyn’s inspired vision for a Caribbean dream home.

aerial view of hotel building, pool and Caribbean sea


They say that any first impression should be a lasting one and the residential lobby does not disappoint. Natural stone walls that mimic the Seven Mile Beach shoreline, wood-framed mirrors and clean, mid-century furniture are balanced by buttery-soft leather loungers and strokes of ornate colours that exude Caribbean comfort.

“I want it to be sexy. I want it to be glamourous, but I also want it to be comfortable.” This is the premise behind Bullard’s approach to design the residential lobby to withstand the everyday wear and tear of seaside living. “For me, modern luxury is comfort. We can be glamourous but we can also be in our shorts and swimwear.”

Lounge area with detailed furnishings


It was important for Bullard that his designs be “of the place” and represent the culture and heritage of the Cayman Islands including nods to its first industry, rope making. This inspiration manifested in his final design. “In Cayman, you’re surrounded by this extraordinary turquoise water, these incredible vistas, these beautiful greens. So all of this colour, this foliage, this beautiful skyline has very much influenced my colour palettes.”

Rooftop lounge facing a spectacular sunset


Ten floors above the Caribbean Sea and perched atop The Residences at Seafire is The Nest, the residential rooftop lounge and arguably the most coveted 3,500 sq. in the Caribbean. For this magical terrace overlooking Cayman’s famed Seven Mile Beach, Bullard has designed clusters of seating areas for lounging, sunset-watching, star-gazing and entertaining. A plush lounge pit anchors the space while sleek cabanas provoke lazy days and a basket-weave bar and private kitchen are perfect for elaborate dinner parties at this lounge in the sky.

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